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September School Holiday Program in Toowoomba

Program Summary
Introduce your child to cutting-edge technologies and the exciting sport of First-Person-View drone racing!

This program will provide an opportunity for students to explore science, develop skills in technology to create a drone racing arena and learn to race FPV drones! Developed in collaboration with Ben Mortensen, the World Champion and Australian Gold Medallist, this project will give students an authentic, hands-on experience of drone racing like no other! 

Students will get hands-on with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Design, 3D Printing, electronic circuits, robotics, sensing and more to develop an engaging drone arena for them to race against the clock with each other! 

Ben will showcase his own capability as a drone pilot with a drone that can race at speeds in excess of 200 km/hr and coach students to develop pilot skills. 

If your child loves technology, drones or engineering, and you want them to be immersed in an authentic experience like no other – this holiday program is for them! There are limited spaces; enrol now or miss out!

Location:  Toowoomba Anglican School
Dates:  19 – 23 September (enrol any / all days)
Time: 8:45AM – 3PM (earlier drop-off/later pick-up available)
Grade: Grade 1 – 8 (no prior experience required)
To Bring: Lunch, morning & afternoon tea & a hat

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Our Commitment To Protecting Our Community

Despite the ever-present COVID-19 in our society, we are committed to ensuring that we continue delivering the incredible experiences that engage your child/children in our holiday programs. We have been constantly evolving throughout this pandemic to ensure that we adhere to ever-changing Governmental regulations we are required to abide by, as well as introduce the most effective, practical safety protocols to protect our students, parents and the local community. 

Against COVID-19

  • All of our staff have chosen to be vaccinated for the safety of our students, parents and community
  • All staff are trained, and certified in Infection Control for COVID-19
  • We will be observing a 1.5 metre distance at all times where possible
  • We will have sanitisation bottles accessible for everyone with students using this at each break (multiple times a day)
  • We will be using hospital-grade sanitation to clean ‘high-touch’ areas each day
  • We will be ensuring that all areas we use are well ventilated – a mechanism that has been proven to reduce airborne contaminants and protect against the spread of COVID-19 
  • We will be implementing a contact-less and socially distanced sign-in / sign-out system 
  • We will be wearing masks during the sign-in and sign-out process when interacting with parents to protect our community further

Against Isolation Mandates

We’ve carefully designed our own ‘COVIDSafe’ drop-off and pick-up procedure that will prevent you being identified as a ‘close contact’ and hence required to adhere to extended isolation regulations. This process will also:

  • Provide even more protection against COVID
  • Be an even faster and more streamlined process
  • Be more convenient for our parents

Against Additional Mandates

We understand and are sensitive to the highly divisive views on mandatory vaccination in our community. We do not believe that we should enforce additional mandates than those that we are required to as outlined in the current Government guidelines. This means that we will not discriminate against, financially penalise or exclude families (both students and visitors) based upon their vaccination status. 

Against Program Cancellation

This incredible community has supported us through countless tough times over the past few years – even now amidst COVID concerns. We are committed to supporting our families right back in their times of need – and we really do mean it. That’s why we are committing to you that if COVID prevents us from safely delivering our holiday program we will not cancel your ticket, we will credit it. This means that you will never lose money by supporting us, in fact, for the instances where you’ve registered using a discount offer or coupon code, this means you can keep this discount and actually save money rather than risk rebuying a ticket at the normal price.

We realise and accept that we will be incurring losses by committing to this, but we hope that this guarantee helps you help us get through this tough patch of COVID chaos so we can continue supporting those who support us. 

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